This is the 1st and last time I ever did Annie!  
Annie was played by 2 little girls, Heather Ferlo and Margaux
Kenwood, so you will see 2 different faces in the pictures!
This was performed at The Glove Theatre.
I was Roberta Healy!  Radio announcer, extrodinare!
Suzanne will always be the best Miss
Hanagin I've ever seen, next to Carol

Her fantastic "Scream scene" was
dubbed in by our Stage Manager
(aka, my daughter Catie)
Along with my cohorts,
Jimmy Johnson, Wacky &
of course, the lovely
Boylen Sisters!
John is a great Daddy Warbucks as well!
"So, from all of our Smiles Family, this is
Roberta Healy saying......"
I was aslo a maid in the Warbucks' mansion for this show!  I'm in the back,
carrying a tray!
My boyfriend Keith did a '1 night only' appearance as Drake the butler, when a
cast member couldn't make it.
Most of us felt that Heather was the
better of the 2 Annie's.  She's since gone
on to work on Broadway with Disney
and has done benefit concerts with a
Broadway choir with Kristen Chenowith!
We really did "know her when..."
The Cast of Annie!
The Ophans of Annie!