Family Players of Northeast NY presents:
Roger's and Hammerstien's
Enchanted Evening
Waiting to Go On!
A friend took a picture of my boyfriend and
myself  waiting for the curtain to go up.  No
one knew how to properly work the new
camera, so this didn't come out so well.
Grand Night!!
It was a grand night (as well as the
end of the song).  This is one of the
dress rehersals.  We're in the middle,
in case you missed us.
San Fransico, USA!!
This was my favorite part of the show!  It
was a medley of several songs and we
finished by making this cool American flag!  
I'm in the front of the stars in the middle.
Let's Polka!
We opened the second Act with a Shall We
Polka.  My boyfriend is over singing with
another girl and I had to dance with another man.  
We had wished that we could have performed
together at that point.  I'm in the light pink on
the left.
Good Night!
We ended the show with waves and circles and
A Grand night was had by all!
Music and Pictures from the show